Our Story

Isan Project Inc. is a Christian organisation working to restore hope to orphans, neglected children and the abandoned elderlies in the rural provinces of Northeastern Thailand, also known as Isan.

Founded in 2012,  we started to reach out to the vulnerable, neglected and the abandoned.  In the process, a local foundation called the Sunshine Foundation was established in Nong Bua Lamphu, a province in the Isan region, to support and deliver on the development initiatives in providing for the orphans, neglected children and abandoned elderlies, addressing their educational, nutritional and medical needs.

Founder’s Personal Note

This all began with a calling from God to the nation of Thailand and particularly for the elderlies and children in that nation.  Initially, we did not understand how the two groups are related, as they differ in age, activities and needs.  However, we have come to realise that in Isan, they are very much co-dependent: the young is cared for by the elderly; and the elderly lives for the young.   After several personal trips to Isan, we have seen firsthand the social unjust to the elderlies and the children. We chose Nong Bua Lamphu as a local base for the establishment of Sunshine Foundation and aim to work through all its districts, one village at a time.

One such personal visit to a village has brought the encounter of an elderly living alone, abandoned by his son whom he has not seen over 12years, barely surviving on his Government pension of US$15 per month, and the kindness of his neighbours.  This is one of many similar circumstances we have come across in Isan and often the children are also part of the ordeal.  In another village, we stumbled upon an elderly couple, helpless on their own, could not provide for the future of their orphaned granddaughter and their last and only resort was to marry her away at the age of 13.  This may sound surreal, yet from their worldview, it is the only hope they have.  This hope however is often short-lived. Once married, the girl stops schooling and bears children of her own, while the young husband struggles to support the family, and often ends up working long periods away from home in another province, leading to marriage breakdown.   With little education and the need to support her own children, the girl often has no choice but to turns to prostitution;  the cycle of poverty, neglect and hopelessness continues.

These encounters have reinforced the call from God to bring good news to the poor; to bind up the broken-hearted and to proclaim liberty to the captives (Isaiah 61: 1-2 ESV).

 Would you join me in responding to this call and play a part in reaching out to orphans, neglected children and the abandoned elderlies in Isan, Thailand.


JT Young