Sustainability Projects

Sustainability projects involve helping abandoned elderlies in poverty in projects to generate additional income. We are currently embarking in a natural pig farm project that will provide elderlies with additional income.
Isan is one of the poorest regions in Thailand with its economy dominated by agriculture which is declining in importance at the expense of trade and the service sector. Most of the population is poor and undereducated. As a result, people from Isan are driven by poverty to seek work in other parts of Thailand or abroad. Those who remain struggle to earn a living from farming and make ends meet during the dry season, which usually lasts from November to July. Some areas are affected by drought for the whole year causing greater poverty and hardship.

For the Elderly, who are physically disadvantaged, they find no relieve from the reality that nothing can be done. It is with our sustainability projects that we hope to reduce poverty for the elderlies by assistance them in generating additional income.
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