The Children Program

The Children Program consists of two folds. Child sponsorship program which assists orphans and neglected children from socioeconomically stressed families to remain in school, assisting with medical and nutrition needs.  The other, a Life Skills Development Program.

The Child Sponsorship Program began life as a small project that aimed to keep the child in school and assist with medical and nutritional needs. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How does Isan Projects select the children to be sponsored?” Since the number of impoverished families in Isan is overwhelming, we have resolved to identify only orphans and the neglected children most in need, keeping in line with our vision targeted towards orphans and the neglected. This is based on an extensive assessment process that includes interviews of the children, their carers who are usually grandparents, and local officials.

In addition, sponsorship candidates would undertake a monthly Life Skills development training. Our desire is to provide each child with life skills, encourage them in continuing higher education. Our goal is to restore hope and establishing each of them with the truth and love of God.
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